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    2-headed cultural juggernaut

    get it

    I have been catching up on all the tumblr postages froms yours times togethers and thiss omgs thiss ones. My cheeks hurt from smiling.

  2. Back in action #pittsburgh

    Back in action #pittsburgh

  3. Christmas picture fail

    Christmas picture fail

  4. HEY AMERICA!!!!!

    HEY AMERICA!!!!!

  5. My family. I can’t believe this semester is over!

    My family. I can’t believe this semester is over!

  6. homeyra:

    The situation for Women in Afghanistan is still very difficult, but it has improved a lot since 2001. And its happened because of Afghan Women. Its happened because of brave women who are doing brave things. 

    Afghan CyclesAfghan Cycles introduces the first women to ride bikes in the country, illustrating the gender and social barriers that the team is breaking, one pedal stroke at a time. Highlighting 4 of the 12 teammates, we look at their lives on and off the bike. From training on dangerous trucking highways to following them through a typical day in Kabul, the film shares the intimate story of these brave and passionate young women who feel free when they are on their bikes in an otherwise oppressive culture.

  7. pih2013:

    Great time on the Ganges with Ram, Ganesh, Prebhu and a terrific HRR team! Thank you!

  8. The gang at Parmarth 

    The gang at Parmarth 

  9. susannathinks:

    Before and after

  10. susannathinks:

    Rajaji Nat’l Park

  11. susannathinks:

    Rishikesh for the day.

  12. susannathinks:

    Evening puja on the Ganga in Rishikesh.

    Everything else is up on the flickr (or will be shortly).

  13. I’m Back! With only four days left in India…

    I had an amazing time white water rafting on the Ganga. I spent a day in Rishikesh, sat through a beautiful evening puja at Parmarth Niketan, bought a Gabriel Garcia Marquez book and a healing crystal necklace. Rishikesh is a really dynamic and unique city; when I come back to India I want to spend more time there. I didn’t have my camera on this last trip so I have no pictures, but I’ll share some that my classmates took in Rishikesh.

    I can see the last three and a half months in the length of my hair, in the callouss on my heels…but it doesn’t feel real that my time here is over. I think that the impact India has had on me won’t be evident until I’m back in America getting situated into University life. 

    My main priorities right now are finishing my final essays and figuring out how to stuff all of my souvenirs in my suitcase without exceeding the weight limit. 

  14. awkwardsituationist:

    in the african great lakes region, people with albinism face both ostracism from their communities and are hunted by those looking to sell their body parts to witch doctors. infants are abducted from mother’s beds and young children are kidnapped, where their eyes, genitals, arms and organs removed while alive.

    with the body parts believed to be fetching tens of thousands of dollars on the black market, the trade is thought to be driven by the wealthiest members of society. “mutilation and murders of children with albinism are mostly met by social silence and indifference,” says a report released last year by the un’s special representative on violence against children.

    in the past few years, there have been 72 reported killings and 35 reported attacks resulting in severe mutation in tanzania alone; in the rest of africa, there have been 45 reported killings and 30 severe mutilations, though the number of unreported cases would put the numbers much higher. a full, detailed listing of killings and attacks can be found here

    photos by patricia willocq. the award winning documentary, albino witchcraft murders, can be watched here. the united nations report on the persecution of persons with albinism.